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Wednesday, 08 February 2017 18:21

Our Services

Our Services

Business Owners Directors' have vast knowledge in selling businesses here in UK and in Europe and they decided that the business sale market was due a massive shake up. For too long business brokers have dictated the price of businesses by adding their high commissions and fees. Now we offer you a credible alternative where your business will be marketed on the best business portals possible to put your business in front of genuine prospective buyers from around the world for a flat fee of £495 for the first per quarter. No commissions on sale, no high fees, with the added bonus of the complete marketing package for your business.

Our local dedicated Business Consultant will conduct a no obligation valuation and assessment of your business. This assessment will ensure you achieve the best possible price and our Business Consultant will be on hand throughout the sale process should you need help. All included in the quarterly fee.

Instruct us to sell and you have a 21 day free trial. Your Business Consultant will prepare the listing, take photos if required and make your business live within 24 hours. If a prospective purchaser inquires within the 21 days you pay the £495 to receive the lead. To cancel your trial will we require written confirmation from you for us to delete the listing. Payment for the quarter will be charged on the 21st day, and thereafter every quarter until we receive notification you have sold.

It's that easy!

Why pay more? We have shown you the savings, contact us today!

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